Opptum Engineering Solutions

Opptum Engineering Solutions

400% increase in revenue, increase in confidence and expansion of business, all within 12 months of adopting business coaching by Expandus

Opptum Engineering Solutions Pvt. Limited provides Meshing ,Moldflow analysis & consultancy to Automotive, Medical, White Goods and other Plastic Mass production companies.  Established in 2013 by Mr. Krishnamurthy, himself a veteran engineer, Opptum offers a host of services such as Fill+packing analysis, warpage analysis, gate & runner location optimisation & meshing services among others to engineering and manufacturing sector in Maharashtra.


Since its inception, Opptum garnered a lot of interest in the flag ship offering of Moldflow analysis however, Krishnamurthy wanted to target a larger share of the market for all his services. He felt the enterprise needed to ramp up speedily to meet the market needs and have defined strategies for an organic growth. Given his vast experience, Krishnamurthy knew the market well, but he felt his company could benefit from a robust sustainable business plan which would ensure better cash flows and faster turn around time.

This was when he reached out to Coach Tabish Bibikar of Expandus Business Services located in Pune, for formalized business coaching.  Needless to say, with just 12 months into the program Opptum was able to achieve a complete turnaround and exceed all the expectations.


Basis of detailed discussions and understanding of business with Krishnamurthy, Coach Tabish adopted the ActionCOACH proprietary  ‘6 Step Approach’ to set in motion the transformation process for Opptum Engineering.

Here it is –

  1. Business Targets. Breaking down the targets into achievable monthly, quarterly and yearly makes it realistic and less daunting. Tabish guided Opptum in defining and breaking down the yearly goals so that the team had a clear roadmap to guide their decisions
  2. Marketing and Sales Strategies.   A number of selected Marketing strategies were implemented .Marketing focuses on generating leads while Sales focuses on closing deals to provide revenues for healthy cash flows. Opptum team was mentored to step-back-step work on increasing their sales conversations.
  3. Specific Sales Conversion Methods. Tabish trained the team on more contemporary conversion techniques which resulted in higher conversion ratios, more sales and better revenues.
  4. Financial Controls And Budgets.  Absence of clear financial budgets and controls always results in unexpected higher expense vs income. Implementing targets in all areas helped keep numbers on track
  5. Debt Collection Strategies. Most business owners wonder where their money is gone. They seem to be in profits on paper but have very limited cash in hand. Accounts receivable is crucial to manage business successfully. Opptum worked on changing their terms of trade, implemented clear collection strategies, built offers for on-time paying customers.
  6. Personal Motivation.  Krishnamurthy had big dreams for his company and his Coach supported him and boosted his confidence to grow, do better and be positive.

“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, and has you see what you don’t want to see; so you can be who you have always known you could be” – Tom L.


Expandus Business Services propelled Opptum Engineering into a new orbit in a short span of twelve months.  The stupendous results achieved were not limited to 400% increase in revenue. The company moved to a larger office and has a much bigger team size.

“ Today I can visualize a steady growth of my company and in the near future and I am certainly more confident of achieving higher results” Mr.Krishnamurthy on his experience of working with Expandus