Running a business requires a lot of passion there’s no doubt that everyone goes through tough times and has to have the ability to deal with stress and challenges. Sometimes it takes a toll on you and you feel like giving up after a couple of years it feels like you have dealt with a lot and you feel like you have lost your passion and you wonder how do i regain my passion.

This is something I learned from my coach who said you should chase what energizes you everyone talks about passion or purpose but really the one word to remain focused on is energy. So whatever gives you positive energy and naturally expands or grows you then remain focused on doing that.

When you’re in your 20s or when you first launch your business money makes you feel energized so, it’s okay to absolutely go for it that becomes your game as time progresses your experiences change and what energizes you and gives you the feeling of thrill and joy changes which is okay.

So, when you feel you’ve lost the passion, it simply means that what you what used to excite you earlier now no longer is exciting. Also, what is exciting for someone else does not have to be exciting for you.

Passion is energy so it dissipates over time it’s natural every business owner thinks differently and has a unique personality so there is no need to compare your business with someone else instead of worrying that you have lost passion.

Think what will energize me if it’s making money then figure out how to make that a possibility. If it’s creating an impact to the lives of your employees. Remain focused on it and figure out a way on how to do that if it’s giving back to community figure out. How you will do that doing different things energizes people differently pick your own and go after it for me personally i know money used to be thrilling in my younger days but it no longer is my driving purpose.

What energizes me is to see the joy on other people’s face when they have learned something new you know the smile and the sense of peace on a child’s face when he has just completed putting together a puzzle he thought was impossible for him.

I love to see that smile that’s what i’m after i work hard to ensure my clients get amazing results and their business grows. I just know that when one business grows it creates employment opportunities and has a rippling effect all across so it’s like creating a positive domino effect to our community.

If you feel you’ve lost your parish passion I suggest you just spend time reflecting back on what’s the next things that you could really really energize you. Thank you for watching

Tabish Bibikar

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Tabish Bibikar

Tabish Bibikar is a seasoned Coach specializing in guiding high-performing software company founders. With nearly three decades of experience in the IT industry, ranging from small firms to multinational giants, Tabish has a comprehensive understanding at both micro and macro levels.

Since 2014, she has coached numerous software companies, including SAAS providers and product development firms, helping them achieve significant milestones such as reaching their first Million and scaling up further. Tabish's expertise in IT business coaching has enabled her clients to consistently generate more leads, increase profits, build and retain exceptional talent, and attract crucial investments.